Surveys for Cash

Surveys for Cash – Does it Really Pay to Take Online Surveys?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Taking surveys for cash is one of them. Beware in how you approach this, it can make the difference between making money, breaking even or just plain losing money.

First off, let’s talk about the different online survey database companies that exist all over the internet. These guys will just give you access to different paid survey sites, giving you their addresses, sometimes reviews and some information regarding the sites. If you have some money to waste or don’t want to waste anytime, this is good way to get to where you want to fast. If, on the other hand, you don’t have that much money to invest, and don’t mind working a little harder. Any search engine will do fine to find all of these paid surveys sites.

If you want to take surveys for money for a company, they won’t charge you to enter their group. You should never have to pay to be member of a survey company’s focus group. This should therefore not be a factor for you.

What should be a factor, is the type of rewards you will get. Some companies will enter you into sweepstakes, others will give you points that will later be redeemed as money and finally some will just pay in cold hard cash.

Another important thing to pay attention too, before becoming a member, is you geographical position. Canadian and American members will most likely get more surveys than others. If you live in a remote area, you will most probably not make a lot of income from this.

So finally, how much will you make? Well it depends. It depends on how much work you put in, how many surveys you take and if you really want it. If you aren’t that motivated you won’t get squat because you will most probably quit after a short period of time. So the keys to online survey money making: Motivation and where you live!

Free Paid Surveys – Worth Your Time?
The Truth Behind Those Free Paid Surveys Sites

Free Paid Surveys sites seem to be the latest craze in “Ways to earn free money online”. They work because manufacturers and producers find customer feedback extremely important and affect the final product very much. They pay these free paid survey sites money, and if you sign up to these free paid survey sites, you will get a survey and when you complete it, you will earn free cold hard cash. But are Free Paid Survey Sites too good to be true? Read on and find out.

Recently, I have been trying to save up for a new computer to aid my graphics designing work. Over the year I saved up about $300 cold hard cash from doing odd little jobs here and there, but I decided that this was no way near good enough if I want my own computer before the time I’m dead! So using the old, faithful Google Search Engine, I searched into ways to earn free money online, and I immediately signed up to what looked like the easiest and most promising option – Free Paid Surveys.

They claimed big things like earn $10 for just a simple 20 minute survey, or participate in a focus group survey and earn $150 an hour! or You can earn thousands of dollars by just completing surveys! Too good to be true! So of course I was tempted and took the bait. Hook, line and sinker! I signed up to over 10 different Free Paid Survey sites, and would of signed up to more if more of them sent money by PayPal and not by check.

So there I was, sitting in front of my computer, checking multiple times a day for new surveys to arrive. I was left desperate, greedy and almost insane. But disappointing, no surveys ever came, and I signed up for over 10 Best Paid Survey Sites! Finally after about 2 weeks, a survey finally came claiming that I could earn $2.50 – $5 for completing a 30 minute survey! What the email didn’t say, though it says in the fine print of the site, was that it would take 2 months to process my survey and make sure it’s “real”, and another one month to pay me… once I reached the minimum payout! 3 months of waiting just for a mere $2.50? I can go begging on the streets and earn that amount of money in 5 minutes!

What are you waiting for? Join and take surveys for cash now!